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SONGA is the company product brand. The SONGA series products successively obtained 35 industrial design patents, the SONGA series products were selected the Chinese quality products in 1997.  “SONGA” is a well known brand on the market of plastic products.
 In April of 2002, SONGA became Rubbermaid’s first OEM factory in Asia.
 In July of 2003, by cooperating with Cheetah USA, the new electric box that was researched and developed obtained US`s patent and Chinese industrial design patent. Now we are beginning to start this production project by cooperating with time-honored company LEVITON USA.
 SONGA is the main supplier of famous markets such as China Wal-Mart, JUSCO, PARKnSHOP,  Ito Yokado and etc.
SONGA was evaluated the best supplier by China Wal-Mart in 2000.
 Our products have already been exported to Asian areas such as Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Philippine, Indonesia and etc., also expanded to Middle East, Australia, Europe and American area. We maintain the long-term cooperation relationship with over one hundred foreign customers.
 SONGA has the experience of plastic injection molding technology for more than ten years.  It has already set up one experienced and expert manufacturing team.
SONGA has developed over one hundred kind of products. The company possesses more than 40 injection machines and two production lines, all adopt automatic production operation. Injection machine ranges from 125T to 1300T and the product coverage is very wide.
Now, all moulds are 100% designed and manufactured by SONGA. Besides, we succeeded in developing and making over 100 moulds for Rubbermaid. We have had the core competitiveness in the product and mould design/manufacture.
In order to meet the customer`s various demands and diversification of products, we offer thermal transfer printing and In Mould Decoration process as well.